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WRU Agents

WRU Agents


The agents registration scheme has been developed through consultation and in partnership with the RFU and IRFU along with the Rugby Players Associations (RPA,WRPA & IRPA), their respective competitions and the Association of Rugby Agents (ARA).

The principal objective driving this scheme is to create a regulatory framework to help ensure a minimum level of standard and quality control in the activities of rugby agents with the ultimate aim of driving standards upwards with education, up-skilling and integrity being at the forefront.

Under WRU Regulations (Player & Agent Regulations), clubs or players wishing to appoint a person to act for them in relation to any approach, negotiation, arrangement or execution of any employment transaction, transfer or registration of any player with a club may only appoint a registered agent.

registered agent is an agent who carries out agency activity in Wales (even if based outside Wales) and who is registered with the WRU.

The Agents Review Board (ARB) is responsible for the administration of this scheme and will meet regularly to consider all applications received for agents registration and determine the outcome of each. The ARB consists of members from WRU, RFU, IRFU and their respective RPA’s.

It will also review the agents regulations and related processes, recommending changes where appropriate.


In order to become a registered agent, you must:

  • Apply to the WRU and comply with the relevant application procedure
  • Complete an application form and examination paper in full
  • Pay the relevant registration fee as prescribed by the WRU, currently £500

The application documents can be requested from nmorgan@wru.wales

Please note that registrations are personal to an individual so if an agency has a number of agents it wishes to register, then each agent must apply individually to become a registered agent.


In order to continue as a registered agent, you must:

  • Comply with the renewal procedure of the WRU
  • Pay the relevant renewal fee as prescribed by the WRU, currently £100
  • Provide evidence that appropriate professional indemnity insurance is in place with a reputable insurer to the level determined by the RFU
  • Attend each year the mandatory Registered Agents Professional Development & Training Seminar
  • Complete and pass a written test


In order to remain a registered agent, you must provide the WRU with evidence that you have appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance in place with a reputable insurer and with a minimum limit of indemnity of £500,000.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is available from a range of insurers.

*Should you request the Regulations and any supporting documents in Welsh please contact Natasha Morgan (nmorgan@wru.wales)

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