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The Welsh Rugby Union Disciplinary Panel comprises a three-man Panel appointed by the WRU Board, to deal with all aspects of the Union’s Disciplinary Regulations in relation to senior players playing in the Union’s domestic competitions below Regional rugby, including the Indigo Group Premiership, WRU National Leagues, WRU Knock Out Competitions, as well as pre-season friendlies and Women’s rugby.

Hearings take place throughout the course of the season on a weekly basis at Principality Stadium and the results of all disciplinary cases are made available online.

High Tackle Sanction Framework

World Rugby has issued a law application guideline and supporting educational materials to assist everyone in the game with the on-field sanction decision-making process for high tackle and shoulder charges.

Reflecting the international federation’s evidence-based approach to reducing the risk of concussion, the ‘decision-making framework for high tackles’ was developed in partnership with union and competition delegates attending the player welfare symposium in France and includes player, coach, match official and medic input. It is a simple-step by step guide with the purpose of:

• Improving the consistency in application of on-field sanctions by distinguishing between dangerous tackles that warrant a penalty, yellow card or red card
• Supporting protection of the head of both players by consistently and frequently sanctioning the tackle behaviour that is known to be the highest risk

Available as a step-by-step 2019 Player Welfare High Tackle – Decision Pdf, the framework is also supported by an educational video and illustrates what match officials are looking for when determining a sanction.

The process focuses on the source of direct contact to the head, the degree of force and, for the first time, any mitigating or aggravating factors that may be applied by the match officials.

It will be a useful tool for coaches, players, match officials, media and fans. It provides a fresh emphasis for future decision-making and does not retrospectively judge previous decisions”

CLICK HERE to view video

WRU Discipline Regulations

WRU Disciplinary Regulations
1. Appendix 1 – World Rugby Table of Sanctions
Appendix 1a – New Tackle Law Directive
2. Appendix 2 – Citing Procedures
3. Appendix 3 – Codes of Conduct
4. Appenidx 4 – Totting Up Process (Red Card and Yellow Card)
5. Appendix 5 – Match Day Protocol

WRU Age Grade Regulations

Age Grade Disciplinary Regulations
1. Appendix 1 – Age Grade Codes of Conduct
2. Appendix 2 – Age Grade Table of Sanctions
Appendix 2a – New Tackle Law Directive
3. Appendix 3 – Age Grade Citing Procedures
4. Appendix 4 – Under 12 Matters

Discipline Decisions

WRU Disciplinary Decisions – 11 January 2024

WRU Disciplinary Decisions – 8 May 2024

Disciplinary Decisions – Season 2022:23

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