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WRU Exiles Registration

Established in 1980, the remit of the WRU Exiles programme is to identify Welsh qualified players (aged 12 and upwards) who are based outside Wales and may have the potential to play regional or national age grade, and ‘elite’ senior rugby, in Wales.

In recent years many boys have been ‘capped’ via the Exiles route and the Exiles programme has been responsible for numerous Welsh qualified players from all over the world engaging with regional rugby in Wales.

To be eligible for the Welsh Exiles and WRU pathway every player has to satisfy Section 8 of the ‘World Rugby’ regulations, i.e. the player has to have been born in Wales, or one parent of the player has to be born in Wales, or one grandparent of the player has to be born in Wales.

The WRU has strong links with rugby playing independent boarding schools in Wales as well as with universities in Wales where Exiles players choose to combine their rugby development with their academic progress.

As well as having events in Wales the Exiles programme delivers one day ‘camps’ for young Welsh qualified players outside Wales at various locations.

Welsh qualified players based outside Wales can register with the WRU Exiles programme below which leads to more information about the pathway.

If you have any queries about the Exiles programme please contact the WRU National Exiles Officer, Gareth Davies, at gdavies2@wru.wales or on 07500 225670.


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