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I Was There! Gethin Dobson

I Was There! Gethin Dobson

When i came to my senses and finally got round to the point of asking how much the tickets would cost, to my delight, they were for nothing a friend of a friend had them given to him and they didn’t want them.
In a confused state i was told to travel from Pontypridd (where i live and study) to Swansea to pick up these tickets, but i had to be there between the hours of 08:00 and 09:00am.
After arrival at Swansea train station i meet the friend out he was waiting for me with these tickets, he had a disappointed look on his face and he said “i wish i was going with you but iv made other plans” and he extended his arm and gave me (to my surprise) 4 tickets instead of 2. I offered to pay but he said no.
So i was off with the tickets back on the train, Cardiff Central and the Millennium Stadium. There i met up with my brother who i gave 2 to, and then met up with me mate. On arrival to the seats, 1 in 75,000 chance we sat next to one of our fellow students mother.
After a most exciting game, we made our way to weatherspoons, where more to our surprise was Hemmi Taylor enjoying a cold beverage. After cold beverages ourselves we made our way to the springbok bar, where surprisingly enough I shook hands with an open side legend Bret Sinkinson, also had a hello from Lee Jarvis and my mate saw Gareth Wyatt relieving himself in the lavatory. Then we got very drunk in the welsh club.

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