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All The Celtic League Fixtures For 2002/2003

All The Celtic League Fixtures For 2002/2003

POOL A: Caerphilly, Ebbw Vale, Edinburgh Rugby, Llanelli, Munster, Neath, Swansea, Ulster
POOL B: Bridgend, Cardiff, Connacht, Glasgow Rugby, Leinster, Newport,
Pontypridd, Scottish Borders

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30th/31st August
Pool A: Edinburgh v Swansea, Ebbw Vale v Ulster, Llanelli v Munster, Neath v Caerphilly.
Pool B: Cardiff v Glasgow, Leinster v Pontypridd, Newport v Bridgend, Borders v Connacht.
6th/7th September
Pool A: Ulster v Edinburgh, Caerphilly v Llanelli, Munster v Ebbw Vale, Swansea v Neath.
Pool B: Connacht v Cardiff, Glasgow v Leinster, Pontypridd v Newport, Bridgend v Borders.
13th/14th September
Pool A: Swansea v Ulster, Edinburgh v Munster, Ebbw Vale v Caerphilly, Neath v Llanelli.
Pool B: Bridgend v Pontypridd, Newport v Glasgow, Leinster v Connacht, Borders v Cardiff.
20th/21st September
Pool A: Caerphilly v Edinburgh, Munster v Swansea, Llanelli v Ebbw Vale, Ulster v Neath.
Pool B: Cardiff v Leinster, Connacht v Newport, Glasgow v Bridgend, Pontypridd v Borders.
27th/28th September
Pool A: Ulster v Munster, Swansea v Caerphilly, Edinburgh v Llanelli, Neath v Ebbw Vale.
Pool B: Pontypridd v Glasgow, Bridgend v Connacht, Newport v Cardiff, Borders v Leinster.
4th/5th October
Pool A: Ebbw Vale v Edinburgh, Llanelli v Swansea, Caerphilly v Ulster, Neath v Munster.
Pool B: Connacht v Pontypridd, Leinster v Newport, Cardiff v Bridgend, Borders v Glasgow.
25th/26th October
Pool A: Munster v Caerphilly, Ulster v Llanelli, Swansea v Ebbw Vale, Edinburgh v Neath.
Pool B: Glasgow v Connacht, Pontypridd v
Cardiff, Bridgend v Leinster, Newport v Borders.
Quarter-finals weekend of 30th November 2002
Semi-finals weekend of 4th January 2003
Final weekend of 1st February 2003

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