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Wru Working Party Meet In Cardiff

Wru Working Party Meet In Cardiff


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A second meeting of a working party set up by the WRU with representatives of the Premier League Clubs to further examine the future make up of the professional game in Wales, was held in Cardiff today.

At this early stage all sides are merely considering parameters for the in-depth investigation that all parties believe and hope will share a more secure and viable playing structure for the elite end of our game.

All interested parties will be actively encouraged to put forward their views and plans. Nothing will be discounted.

It is vitally important at this time that everyone with an interest in the future of Wales’ National sport fully understands that the working party will begin with a blank sheet of paper and a totally open mind.

The aim is to find the right way forward for the professional game in Wales, one which will allow our top teams to become more competitive across Europe and financially more solvent.

Only under such circumstances will the fortunes of the International team improve in the way we all wish.

It is too early at this stage to address specific questions on the way forward but, rest assured, every possible avenue will be explored as we make a genuine, honest and much needed attempt to improve the quality and sustainability of professional rugby in Wales.

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