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Wru Remembers

Wru Remembers

1st World War.

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W.P. (Billy) GEEN – 2nd lt in 9th Battalion, King’s Royal Rifle Corps.

Killed in action at Hooge, Ypres 31/7/15. AGED 24 Oxford Univ/Newport – 3 caps 1912-13.

Brinley R LEWIS – Major in Royal Field Artillery.

Killed in action at Ypres 2/4/17. AGED 26. Swansea/Cambridge Univ – 2 caps 1912-13.

L.A.(Lou) PHILLIPS – Sgt in Public Schools Battl’n of Royal Fusiliers.

Killed in action at Cambrai 4/3/16. AGED 38.Newport – 4 caps 1900-01.

C.M.(Charlie) PRITCHARD – Capt in 12th Batl’n South Wales Borderers.

Wounded in Battle of Somme and died at no 1 Casualty Clearing Station, France 14/8/16. AGED 33. Newport – 14 caps – 1904-10.

Charles G TAYLOR – Engineer/captain of 1st Battle Cruiser Squadron.

Killed on board HMS Tiger at the Battle of the Dogger Bank 24/1/15. AGED 51. Ruabon – 9 caps 1884-87.

E.J.(Dick) THOMAS – CSM in 16th Batl’n of 38th Welsh Division of Welch Rgt. Killed in action in attack at Mametz Wood in Battle of the Somme. AGED 32.

Mountain Ash – 4 caps 1906-09.

Horace W THOMAS – Temp 2nd lt in 11 Batl’n of the Rifle Brigade. Killed in action at Guillemont, France during the Battle of the Somme 3/9/16.AGED 26.

Swansea – 2 caps 1912-13.

Phil D WALLER – 2nd lt in South African Heavy Artillery (71st Siege Battery). Killed in action at Arras, France by shell fire 14/12/17. AGED 28. Newport – 6 caps 1908-10.

David WATTS – Corporal in 7th Batl’n King’s Shropshire Light Infantry. Killed in action at Ancre Valley, France during the Battle of the Somme 14/7/16. AGED 30.Maesteg – 4 caps 1914.

David WESTACOTT – Private in 16th platoon D company of the Gloucestershire

Rgt. Killed in action in France 28/8/17. AGED 35.Cardiff – 1 cap 1906.

Johnnie L WILLIAMS – Captain in Welch Rgt. Killed in action at 5th Casualty Clearing Station after wounds at Mametz Wood during Battle of the Somme 12/7/16. AGED 34. Cardiff – 17 caps 1906-11.

Richard D.G.WILLIAMS – Lt-Col in 12th Batl’n of the Royal Fusiliers.

Killed in action at Loos, France 27/9/15. AGED 59. Newport – 1 cap 1881.

2nd World War.

Cecil R DAVIES – Royal Air Force. Killed in action 25/12/41. Bedford/RAF – 1 cap 1934.

John R EVANS – Lt in 3rd Batl’n of the Parachute Rgt. Killed in action in North Africa 8/3/43. AGED 31. Newport – 1 cap 1934 (as captain).

Maurice J.L.TURNBULL – Major in the 1st Batl’n Welsh Guards. Killed in action near Montchamp, Normandy 5/8/44. AGED 38. Cardiff – 2 caps 1933.

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