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Your Wales Xv

Your Wales Xv


Steve Hansen announces his side to face New Zealand for the final BT Autumn International on Saturday at the Millennium Stadium. Click here to read some of the XV’s that have been posted on the wru.co.uk messageboard…

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Nick picked…

15) R. Williams; 14) Morgan, 13).Robinson, 12). Parker, 11). Thomas;10) Jones, 9) Peel; 8) Charvis, 7)Williams, 6) Jones, 5) Owen, 4).Sidoli, 3).Madden, 2) Davies, 1) Thomas

If Michael Dyer were manager then he would select:15).R.Williams; 14).S.Parker, 13).J.Robinson, 12).G.Thomas, 11).C.Morgan; 10).S.Jones, 9).R.Powell; 8).R.Parks, 7).M.Williams, 6).C.Charvis, 5.R).Sidoli, 4).G.Llewellyn, 3).M.Madden, 2).M.Davies, 1).I.Thomas

**Click here to pick your side

Ryan reckons this side would beat the All Blacks…

15)Rhys Williams; 14)Dafydd James, 13)Tom Shankin, 12)Sonny Parker, 11)Craig Morgan; 10)Stephen Jones, 9)Dwayne Peel; 8)Michael Owen, 7)Martyn Williams, 6)Colin Charvis, 5)Robert Sidoli, 4)Gareth Llywleyn, 3)Iestyn Thomas 2),Mefin Davies, 1)Martyn Madden

Zebra says:”So, the big game looms dark (All Black?) on the horizon. Who to pick for the honour of representing the hopes of the nation?”

This would be my 15 – argue/discuss all you like.
15) R Williams (kind of made it his own); 14) M Jones ,13). L Davis (Need the power to combat Umaga et al), 12). S Parker, 11). C Morgan (or Gareth Thomas?); 10). S Jones, 9). R Powell (Need that extra physical presence around the scrum/ruck/maul); 8). M Owen, 7). M Williams (Captain), 6) D Jones, 5). G Llewelyn, 4),. R Sidoli 3). M Madden, 2),. M Davis (someone who can throw straight), 1). I Thomas
Replacements: C Sweeney, D Peel, Gareth Thomas/C Morgan, Gethin Jenkins, R McBryde, Steve Williams C Charvis

**So there is still no clear consensus of opinion of who should play at scrum-half ,and the back row selection is still causing debate…But who would you pick? Click here to go to the wru.co.uk messageboard

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