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Messages To Gareth Edwards

Messages To Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards has been voted “The Greatest of the Welsh Greats” by readers of the Western Mail.

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We asked for messages to send to Gareth Edwards – and received responses from every corner of the globe…from old schoolmates to new friends. Here are just a few of the messages sent to Gareth…

“Gareth, I was the Program Manager for the construction of Millennium Stadium. We met on a few occasions. I am the white haired retired American Army officer who learned to love rugby. We go to a local pub that shows the matches. Sorry olde Wales is not doing quite so well. Hopefully they will win the Six Nations. My note is really to congratulate you on the great recognition your country has given you! It was an honour to have met you.” Dick Larson

“CONGRATULATIONS from Oklahoma City, USA (formerly – Brithdir, Gwent).

I would have given my right arm to see you get this award Gareth. You have been my hero for many a year and even if you hadn’t been voted THE BEST (although I couldn’t ever imagine that) you are and always will be NUMBER ONE!!! I just wish my Dad were alive to see this day – he would have been just as thrilled. CONGRATULATIONS once again!!!!!”

Marilyn Bieligk

‘You are immortal because you are eternal, and ‘always’ must be now.’

— A Course In Miracles.

“Gareth Edwards: Any where in the world you go someone where you are

Will say that name to you when they know you are Welsh and your name is One to be proud of and so is to be Welsh. Damien Johns

You are a true inspiration to me. You are a complete man, athlete, husband, father, complete. You are a tangible person, something for all people, not just rugby players to strive towards. Thank you for everything, for being arguably the greatest rugby ambassador ever. You are living proof that one can excel in all aspects of life!

Boris Turcinovic

Marquette University Rugby Football Club Milwaukee, Wi. USA

“Gareth, Congratulations! You’ve been an inspiration to many, including myself, and continue to display the gentlemanly conduct I associate with truly great sportsmen. The ability to be civil and disciplined, whilst obviously wanting to win above all else, is a dying trait. Current players of all sports could learn a lot from following in the footsteps of greats like yourself.

Thank you for the entertainment you have provided over the years, and I take this opportunity to wish you and your family the very best in everything that you do.” Anthony

“You don’t now me Gareth but you once reversed your car outside the Windsor cinema in Neath and almost knocked me over. That would have been my claim to fame but it was not to be. Congratulations Gareth you deserved it.” Anonymous

“Congratulations on getting the recognition you deserve. From someone who has always been proud to have been named after you.” Gareth Edwards.

“Many thanks for the happy memories of watching you play at the Arms Park in the ’70’s, and for the inspiration when I was playing schoolboy rugby in the valleys, dreaming of glory!Best wishes,” Peter Jenkins Ontario, Canada.

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“I am an exiled Welshman living in Trinidad. I miss the rugby terribly. Congratulations.” Peter Munt-Davies

“Gareth you are a rugby legend but not better than the fantastic barry john….the people who chose you were drunk …..sorry…you’re a big legend also… :-)”

Tommy Carretto from Buenos Aires Argentina….

“I was in 3rd year at Cyncoed when you were in the first year. Paul Keetch taught with me for a few years and we still have meals and drinks –

I was X country captain and had the misfortune to train with Dic Evans. Taught in Essex for 34 years but took early retirement and got to Cardiff for some matches and always got to Twickenham enjoyed the successes but Mondays at school after an international were hell for the last 15 years. Congratulations on your award – seeing you,JJ, JPR and Gerald talking to Steve Rider made me very nostalgic.” Ian Ellis

“Have fond memories of your try for the Barbarians. Must rank as one of the all time great games. Would dearly love a signed letter from you to add to my collection of rugby memorabilia. I’ll keep the RED DRAGON flying in New Zealand.” Kindest regards….Reg Williams

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