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world Rugby Needs A Strong Welsh Rugby. – Moffett

world Rugby Needs A Strong Welsh Rugby. – Moffett

‘World rugby needs a strong Welsh rugby. Together we should be able to find the Welsh way forward – and that’s what I’m about.’ David Moffett.

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New WRU Group Chief Executive David Moffett held an open session with the Welsh media today at which he urged the clubs to come to the table and thrash out the issues that will ultimately result in Welsh rugby finding the best way forward at the highest level.


1. Clubs v Provinces.

‘Since the professional era began there have been areas of the world where provinces have been successful. There are others where the club route has been followed successfully, so we have to decide where we in Wales stand.

‘We put a view to the clubs last week saying we believe provincial rugby is the way forward. If they have a better way then lets sit down and talk about it.

‘The better way should encompass the whole of Wales, including the national side. I have seen a great desire from the people of Wales to have a really strong National team.

‘The Superclub route has been talked about before and been rejected.

‘I think if we sit down with the clubs, and work out what’s best for the whole of Welsh rugby, then I think people will get on board.

‘People have stopped me in the street and said ‘this has got to be sorted out, it’s been in a mess for too long now’. I have to listen to this because these are the people that matter.

‘I don’t think the average fan wants to see this go on much longer – there has to be a rugby solution. We need to get some finalisation and the only way we will do this is is by sitting down around a table and thrashing it out.’

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2. The Finances of the Welsh Rugby Union.

‘One of my first tasks is to get the finances of the Welsh Rugby Union under control. The finances aren’t good at the Union. We’ve got to look at the Millennium Stadium and we have to address the issue of revenue. I will address that one over the next six to 12 months.

‘We have to get costs under control. We have to look at what we can do with the stadium, because that is the major area of debt for the WRU.

‘The finances are there to support professional rugby in Wales at a level, not at the level they have supported in the past. The funds are there, both with the WRU and the continued involvements of the clubs

‘We would like to concentrate the funds that we have on Welsh rugby and Welsh players. I think the players want to be paid a fair wage for what they do, know that they are going to be paid and have a career in professional rugby.

‘I don’t believe at this stage there are enough players to sustain five strong sides, but we must always look to develop and grow in the future.’

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3. Clubs v Union.

On the issue of Clubs verses the union Mr Moffett said he recognised the clubs would want to protect their current identities and interests. His aim is to look at the situation form a Union perspective to ensure the best solution for Welsh rugby as a whole.

‘The clubs have to agree what they would like to happen and I think they are having difficulty in doing that. If I were in a club it is likely I would take the view that my responsibility is to the club. But I sit in a position here at the WRU where I have to take a view of Welsh rugby as a whole, This debate has been going on for a long time. I am trying to get a decision made about the future.

‘Its important that, whatever the decision may be, we all get behind it and we move forward. We can’t continue to fiddle around the edges. Put us all in a room and get us to come out with a sustainable plan.

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4. The North Wales Province.

‘We must take the view that we want to develop the game in the whole of Wales, not just in south Wales. There remains a huge opportunity up there because it is largely untapped.

‘Our view on North Wales is that it has a third of the Welsh population and rugby has played second fiddle to football. But we are spending money developing rugby up there. And to have a major team up there would be a catalyst to developing the game further.

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5. Timescales – Sooner Rather Than Later.

Mr Moffett said he was not keen on putting a timescale in place for change, but reiterated that these issues need to be sorted sooner rather than later. To that end, Mr Moffett is keen to get the wheels turning as quickly as possible

‘We are ready to talk to the clubs today. We don’t want to wait as long as the 19th of December. It disappoints us that we will not be meeting sooner.’

**Since this morning’s press conference, representatives of the clubs have asked for a meeting with David Moffett and members of the WRU Joint Management Board.

A meeting has been arranged for Thursday, 12 December.

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