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Dependable Maynard makes his mark for the Drovers

Jack Maynard

Jack Maynard bangs over another penalty in the Indigo Premiership Play off Final 21.05.23 Llandovery v Cardiff

Jack Maynard’s boot proved crucial in the Indigo Premiership final against Cardiff at the Arms Park last Sunday, but the Llandovery full back proved indispensable throughout the season for Llandovery.

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Drovers coach Euros Evans was fortunate to have Maynard at his disposal in a season where Maynard oozed composure behind an attacking backline. Not only did Maynard finish the season as the highest scorer in the league with 218 points, no other player in the competition was on the pitch for as long as he was.

Maynard accumulated a total of 2021 minutes throughout the campaign, 10 minutes more than Cardiff second row Sean Moore. Ebbw Vale’s Dom Franchi – with 1945 minutes, was in third place.

Along with RGC’s Dion Jones,  Maynard’s success rate of 77 per cent with the boot is perfectly acceptable, but he was pipped at the post by Cardiff hero Dan Fish whose 157 points saw him secure a 78% success rate.

Maynard also kicked more conversions (51) than any other player while his trusty boot also saw him strike 33 penalties between the posts with an impressivee 86% success rate.


Player Club Minutes
Jack Maynard Llandovery 2021 minutes
Sean Moore Cardiff RFC 2011 minutes
Dom Franchi Ebbw Vale 1945 minutes
Lee Rees Llandovery 1899 minutes
Callum Bowden Swansea 1850 minutes
Player Club Points Scored (Kick Success %)
Jack Maynard Llandovery 218 (77%)
Evan Lloyd Ebbw Vale 187 (67%)
Dion Jones RGC 180 (77%)
Luke Price Bridgend 163 (70%)
Dan Fish Cardiff RFC  157 (78%)
Player Club Total tries
Dewi Cross Cardiff RFC 20
Aaron Warren Llandovery 12
Carrick McDonoungh Ebbw Vale 10
Lloyd Lewis Newport 10
Player Club Passes / Offloads (Total Accuracy %)
Lee Rees Llandovery 1545/26 (94%)
Efan Jones RGC 984/8 (94%)
Jonathan Evans Ebbw Vale 880/19 (91%)
Joel Raikes Pontypridd 789/7 (94%)
Chris Williams Bridgend 751/7 (92%)
Player Club Carries (Collision Dominance %)
Morgan Allen Cardiff RFC 242 (59%)
Joseph Miles Pontypridd 195 (51%)
Rhodri Jones Llandovery 179 (34%)
Stuart Worrall Carmarthen 175 (30%)
Andrew Waite Aberavon 168 (63%)
Player Club Line-breaks
Dewi Cross Cardiff RFC 24
Edd Howley Bridgend 15
Joseph Goodchild Cardiff RFC 12
Ethan Phillips Ebbw Vale 12
Nikola Matawalu Pontypridd 12
Player Club Defenders Beaten
Morgan Allen Cardiff RFC 70
Aaron Pinches Cardiff RFC 62
Dion Jones RGC 49
Edd Howely Bridgend 49
Aaron Warren Llandovery 47
Player Club Rucks Involved In
Sean Moore Cardiff RFC 500
Jack Jones Llandovery 435
Zach O’Driscoll Bridgend 429
Nathan Hudd Cardiff RFC 383
Osian Davies Llandovery 363
Player Club Dominant Tackles
Aaron Pinches Cardiff RFC 17
Tom Phillips Llanelli 15
Elliot Frewen Newport 15
George Young Newport 14
Eddie James Llanelli 14
Player Club Tackles (Collision Dominance %)
Callum Bowden Swansea 244 (84%)
Nathan Hudd Cardiff RFC 224 (74%)
Sion Parry Pontypridd 208 (83%)
Kristian Parker Pontypridd 195 (88%)
Thomas Curry Carmarthen 183 (86%)
Player Club Turnovers Won
Ben Roach Newport 43
Nathan Hudd Cardiff RFC 34
Zach O’Driscoll Bridgend 31
Kyle Tayler Newport 30
Lewis Young Ebbw Vale 28
Player Club “Post Tackle” (Total %)
Stuart Worrall Llandovery 162 (4%)
Nathan Hudd Cardiff RFC 155 (13%)
Kyle Tayler Newport 133 (15%)
Ellis Thomas Cardiff RFC 132 (16%)
Sion Parry Pontypridd 132 (15%)
Player Club Jackal attempts
Stuart Worrall Llandovery 139
Kyle Tayler Newport 104
Nathan Hudd Cardiff RFC 99
Ellis Thomas Cardiff RFC 99
Sion Parry Pontypridd 97
Player Club Counter Ruck Attempts
Aaron Pinches Cardiff RFC 55
Sean Moore Cardiff RFC 38
Nathan Hudd Cardiff RFC 31
Morgan Sieniawski Merthyr 30
Sion Jones Carmarthen 29
Player Club Ball Rip Attempts
Sean Moore Cardiff RFC 26
Morgan Allen Cardiff RFC 16
Callum Bowden Swansea 10
Sam Williams Aberavon 10
Kyle Tayler Newport 9
Player Club Choke Tackle Attempts
Sean Moore Cardiff RFC 19
Joe Tomalin-Reeves Aberavon 18
Shay Smallman Aberavon 15
Aaron Pinches Cardiff RFC 12
Lewys Millin Carmarthen 11
Player Club Success Penalty (Total %)
Jack Maynard Llandovery 37 (86%)
Evan Lloyd Ebbw Vale 34 (69%)
Joseph Scrivens Pontypridd 32 (86%)
Luke Price Bridgend 23 (70%)
Dion Jones RGC 20 (80%)
Player Club Success Converison (Total %)
Jack Maynard Llandovery 51 (72%)
Dan Fish Cardiff RFC 40 (77%)
Dion Jones RGC 40 (75%)
Luke Price Bridgend 34 (71%)
Evan Lloyd Ebbw Vale 30 (65%)

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