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Sharp shooters jostling for top position

Matthew Jarvis

Matthew Jarvis of Pontypool

It’s tight at the top of the Indigo Premiership points table, and the sharp shooters jostling for top spot are also tightly packed with only four points seperating the leading five points scorers in the league.

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Ebbw Vale’s Evan Lloyd shares top spot with Pontypool’s Matthew Jarvis with 34 points apiece, just one point ahead of third placed Luke Price from Bridgend. Carmarthen Quins’ Jac Price is in fourth position with 31 points, just one ahead of Cardiff RFC’s  fly half Harrison James.

Wilson and Jarvis are both proving deadly from the tee when it comes to conversions. From 11 attempts, Wilson is yet to miss the target while Jarvis has sent five conversions through the uprights from five attempts. Llandovery’s Jack Maynard is the only sharp shooter with a 100% record in the penalty stakes, having succeeded with all four attempts at the sticks so far.

Llandovery’s bright start to the campaign has seen them unbeaten after three games but that is no surprise when three of their players have hit more rucks than any other player. Osian Davies (70), Joseff Powell (61) and Jordan Evans (58) have made their presence felt to put the Drovers on the front foot. Pontypool’s Callum Davies and Neath’s Jacob Blackmore are also over the half century mark with 57 and 53 rucks hit respectively.

Aberavon’s Frankie Jones now has company at the top of the tree for defenders beaten. Bridgend’s Edd Howley, who has looked dangerous this season, has beaten 14 defenders, to join Jones at the top of the category.

Indigo Premiership statistics 2023/24

Player Club Points (Kick Success %)
Evan Lloyd Ebbw Vale 34 (65%)
Matthew Jarvis Pontypool 34 (87%)
Luke Price Bridgend 33 (71%)
Jac Wilson Carmarthen Quins 31 (93%)
Harrison James Cardiff RFC 30 (69%)
Player  Club Tries
Joe Williams Cardiff RFC 3
Harvey James Swansea 2
Joe Westwood Newport 2
Edd Howley Bridgend 2
Lee Rees Llandovery 2
Player Club Carries (Collision Dominance %)
Morgan Allen Cardiff RFC 40 (71%)
Benjamin Fry Merthyr 38 (54%)
Joseph Miles Pontypridd 33 (38%)
Scott Matthews Pontypool 30 (70%)
Ben Moa Pontypool 28 (50%)
Player Club Line-breaks
Frankie Jones Aberavon 5
Edd Howley Bridgend 4
Huw Anderson Pontypool 4
Dewi Cross Cardiff RFC 3
Joe Westwood Newport 3
Player  Club Defenders Beaten
Edd Howley Bridgend 14
Frankie Jones Aberavon 14
Harri Doel Llandovery 12
Huw Anderson Pontypool 11
Jay Baker Aberavon 10
Player Club Rucks Involved In
Osian Davies Llandovery 70
Joseff Powell Llandovery 61
Jordan Evans Llandovery 58
Callum Davies Pontypool 57
Jacob Blackmore Neath 53
Player  Club Dominant Tackles
Lewys Millin Carmarthen Quins 6
Tom Phillips Carmarthen Quins 5
Aaron Pinches Cardiff RFC 5
Barny Langton Newport 4
Josh Helps Carmarthen Quins 3
Player Club  Tackles (Collision Dominance %)
Cai James Pontypridd 56 (82%)
Lewys Millin Carmarthen Quins 30 (73%)
Kristian Parker Pontypridd 26 (81%)
Osian Davies Llandovery 26 (77%)
Nathan Hudd Cardiff RFC 26 (58%)
Player Club Turnovers Won
Nathan Hudd Cardiff RFC 10
Kyle Tayler Newport 9
Joe Tomlinson Cardiff RFC 7
Ashley Sweet Pontypool 6
Scott Matthews Pontypool 5
Player Club “Post Tackle” (Total %)
Stuart Worrall Llandovery 28 (12%)
Scott Matthews Pontypool 24 (25%)
Kyle Tayler Newport 22 (18%)
Cai James Pontypridd 22 (5%)
Nathan Hudd Cardiff RFC 21 (15%)
Player Club Jackal attempts
Stuart Worrall Llandovery 26
Kyle Tayler Newport 18
Benjamin Fry Merthyr 15
Cai James Pontypridd 13
Scott Matthews Pontypool 13
Player  Club Counter Ruck Attempts
Tom Harper Pontypridd 11
Aaron Pinches Cardiff RFC 9
Scott Matthews Pontypool 9
Chris Dicomidis Pontypridd 8
Zach O’Driscoll Bridgend 7
Player Club  Ball Rip Attempts
Morgan Allen Cardiff RFC 3
Rhodri Jones Llandovery 2
Cai James Pontypridd 1
Chris Long Llandovery 1
Nathan Hudd Cardiff RFC 1
Player  Club Choke Tackle Attempts
Aaron Pinches Cardiff RFC 3
Cai James Pontypridd 3
Lewys Millin Carmarthen Quins 3
Sean Moore Cardiff RFC 2
Edward Leatherbarrow Carmarthen Quins 2
Player Club Penalty success (Total %)
Luke Price Bridgend 9 (90%)
Harrison James Cardiff RFC 8 (80%)
Matthew Jarvis Pontypool 8 (80%)
Josh Phillips Pontypridd 6 (75%)
Jack Maynard Llandovery 4 (100%)
Player Club Converison success (Total %)
Jac Wilson Carmarthen Quins 11 (100%)
Matt O’Brien Newport 8 (67%)
Jack Maynard Llandovery 7 (87%)
Evan Lloyd Ebbw Vale 7 (64%)
Matthew Jarvis Pontypool 5 (100%)


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