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Newport duo run riot in record collection

Lloyd Lewis & Henry Palmer

Lloyd Lewis leads the try scoring charts while Newport clubmate Henry Palmer also makes a first appearance (Pics: Simon Latham)

Newport’s record humbling of Bridgend in the latest round of the Indigo Premiership saw winger Lloyd Lewis jump back to the top of the try scoring charts.

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The former Wales sevens winger was a constant menace against the Ravens, bagging a brace while being heavily involved in several other tries as the Black & Ambers wrapped up a number of new records from their 89-26 triumph.

Their winning margin of 63 was a club league record while the 89 points scored by Newport is the highest ever in a league match for the club while Matt O’Brien’s mammoth haul of 34 points set a new record for the most points ever scored by a Newport RFC payer in one match. The previous record off 33 was held by Gareth Rees.

O’Brien’s haul has dragged him on to the list of leading points scorers in the league, although he still finds himself some distance behind Ebbw Vale’s Evan Lloyd who leads the way with 215 points, 45 points ahead of Newport’s talisman.

Henry Palmer is also having a fine season in the middle of the front row for Newport. Ty Morris’s side has try scoring threats right across the park and his hooker has now reached double figures thanks to another try scoring performance against Bridgend.

Elsewhere Cardiff’s Craig Hudd is the first player to have won 50 turnovers this season while Scott Matthews continues to be a willing workhorse for Pontypool, having made 229 carries and 143 post tackle involvements to top those two categories while figuring prominently in several others.

Indigo Premiership: Statistics 2023/24

Player Club Points total (Kick Success %)
Evan Lloyd Ebbw Vale 215 (70%)
Matthew Jarvis Pontypool 208 (81%)
Josh Phillips Pontypridd 189 (68%)
Harrison James Cardiff RFC 171 (81%)
Matt O’Brien Newport 170 (77%)
Player Club Tries
Lloyd Lewis Newport 16
Dewi Cross Cardiff RFC 15
Taylor Davies Llandovery 15
Edd Howley Bridgend 10
Henry Palmer Newport 10
Player Club Rucks Involved In
Sean Moore Cardiff RFC 509
Rhodri Hughes Aberavon 410
Zach O’Driscoll Bridgend 404
Osian Davies Llandovery 398
Callum Davies Pontypool 380
Player Club Match Starts / Apperances (Minutes)
Ben Roach Newport 24/24 (2025m)
Josh Phillips Pontypridd 23/24 (1990m)
Ethan Phillips Ebbw Vale 22/22 (1986m)
Sean Moore Cardiff RFC 22/23 (1980m)
Macauley Cook Pontypridd 22/22 (1926m)
Player Club Passes / Offloads (Total Accuracy %)
Lee Rees Llandovery 1,125/16 (94%)
Thomas Habberfield Cardiff RFC 1,015/8 (95%)
Chris Williams Bridgend 848/7 (93%)
Jonathan Evans Ebbw Vale 838/30 (92%)
Harvey Nash Pontypridd 837/2 (90%)
Player Club Carries (Collision Dominance %)
Scott Matthews Pontypool 229 (60%)
Joseph Miles Pontypridd 199 (48%)
Morgan Allen Cardiff RFC 196 (69%)
Lewys Millin Carmarthen 195 (38%)
Craig Locke Merthyr 166 (49%)
Player Club Linebreaks
Edd Howely Bridgend 17
Lloyd Lewis Newport 16
Aaron Warren Llandovery 13
Dewi Cross Cardiff RFC 13
Joel Mahoney Pontypool 12
Player Club Defenders Beaten
Edd Howley Bridgend 72
Aaron Warren Llandovery 52
Sam Earl-Jones RGC 49
Morgan Allen Cardiff RFC 45
Joe Thomas Swansea 44
Player Club Dominant Tackles
Tom Phillips Carmarthen 27
Josh Skinner Newport 18
Rhys Jenkins Newport 16
Lewys Millin Carmarthen 15
Dom Franchi Ebbw Vale 14
Player Club Tackles (Collision Dominance %)
Cai James Pontypridd 284 (90%)
Callum Bowden Swansea 245 (83%)
Lewys Millin Carmarthen 227 (84%)
Jordan Collier Bridgend 194 (86%)
Josh Skinner Newport 177 (68%)
Player Club Turnovers Won
Craig Hudd Cardiff RFC 50
Scott Matthews Pontypool 40
Kyle Tayler Newport 35
Josh Skinner Newport 33
Callum Bowden Swansea 30
Player Club Post Tackle” (Total %)
Scott Matthews Pontypool 143 (32%)
Stuart Worrall Llandovery 132 (8%)
Lewys Millin Carmarthen 122 (10%)
Nathan Hudd Cardiff RFC 119 (6%)
Craig Locke Merthyr 116 (18%)
Player Club Jackal attempts
Stuart Worrall Llandovery 120
Scott Matthews Pontypool 100
Lewys Millin Carmarthen 88
Nathan Hudd Cardiff RFC 84
Craig Hudd Cardiff RFC 83
Player Club Counter Ruck Attempts
Aaron Pinches Cardiff RFC 38
Craig Locke Merthyr 38
Scott Matthews Pontypool 37
Tom Harper Pontypridd 35
Patrick McBride Merthyr 34
Player Club  Ball Rip Attempts
Sean Moore Cardiff RFC 24
Morgan Allen Cardiff RFC 13
Jason Harries Cardiff RFC 9
Rhodri Jones Llandovery 8
Rhys Thomas Ebbw Vale 8
Player Club Choke Tackle Attempts
Shay Smallman Aberavon 18
Harvey Nash Pontypridd 17
Cai James Pontypridd 15
Kristian Parker Pontypridd 15
Lewys Millin Carmarthen 15
Player Club Success Penalty (Total %)
Josh Phillips Pontypridd 40 (75%)
Matthew Jarvis Pontypool 34 (79%)
Evan Lloyd Ebbw Vale 33 (70%)
Harrison James Cardiff RFC 26 (81%)
Sam Earl-Jones RGC 24 (67%)
Player Club Success Converison (Total %)
Matt O’Brien Newport 58 (74%)
Matthew Jarvis Pontypool 53 (83%)
Evan Lloyd Ebbw Vale 49 (71%)
Sam Earl-Jones RGC 39 (87%)
Josh Lewis Merthyr 38 (75%)


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