Club Development Support
The Welsh Rugby Union has a Club Development team with Club Developers available to offer guidance and support to its member clubs on the following key areas.

Governance – your Club Developer will be able to support a club to review its current governance and put in place key objectives to meet future modern governance principles.

Club Development Plan – with a structured and realistic development plan, your club will be able to prioritise future aims and objectives, while implementing actions and timescales.

Facilities – the team can support clubs to develop capital projects, identify diverse income stream opportunities, plan for future regeneration and to signpost to industry professionals for assessments on rugby pitches, and energy efficiency.

People Development – supporting a club to plan for recruiting and retaining volunteers.

Identifying and building stakeholder relationships – embarking on the process to identifying and building relationships with stakeholders will benefit a member club to understand its internal and external stakeholders within the community, while creating a positive advantage to support the club achieve its aims and objectives. Your Club Developer can offer support to perform a stakeholder mapping exercise.

Finance – supporting a member club manage its finances, your Club Developer will be able to support clubs review and plan its finances accordingly.

Funding & Sponsorship – support for member clubs to enhance income through sponsorship opportunities, by firstly:
o Identifying sponsorship opportunities with the club
o Promoting the benefits, a sponsor gains in return of their investment.
o Targeting the right organisations with similar aims, objectives, and values as the club

The team can also work with clubs to identify potential additional income streams through the aid of stakeholder awareness, community consultation, and a mapping exercise of current service provision in the area. Further support clubs is available to develop a funding strategy to look at options such as crowdfunding and grants.