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AGM reflects on another year in Welsh rugby

AGM reflects on another year in Welsh rugby

19.11.23 - Welsh Rugby Union Annual General Meeting -

Welsh Rugby Union member clubs gathered at the Vale Resort in Hensol on Sunday 19th November, for their 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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The meeting discussed and voted on two resolutions, received a presentation on the WRU’s accounts and formally approved the minutes of the 2022 AGM and the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), which voted through sweeping governance changes, in March 2023.

But members and speakers, which included president Gerald Davies, chair Richard Collier-Keywood and interim CEO Nigel Walker, also reflected on the WRU commissioned Independent Review published earlier this week

“Over the last few months, as I have met people who work at the WRU, regions, clubs and many fans I have made clear my commitment to building and maintaining a positive, supportive culture across the game that is inclusive and transparent,” said WRU Chair, Richard Collier-Keywood.

19.11.23 – Welsh Rugby Union Annual General Meeting – WRU Chair Richard Collier-Keywood.

“We are working on our strategy which we will publish in the first six months of next year and our first quarterly report to the new review body that we will deliver in early January.

“We need to work together across the regions and clubs to deliver a One Wales plan. A key part of this will be ensuring that rugby in Wales is put on a sound and sustainable footing so we can invest in the game and the communities that support it across Wales.

“Rugby is a family in Wales; not always completely harmonious, but always passionately committed to each other and to improving. Today was a major first-step in delivering on our commitment to a better future for Welsh rugby.”

The first special resolutions proposed was passed and received a 92% positive vote, the resolution was:

‘(a) that Article 50(c) of the Articles of Association of the Company be amended by the deletion of the final sentence…:

– Any Council Member who retires under this Article 50(c) shall not be eligible for re-election or re-appointment indefinitely.’

The next vote, which would have negated the first resolution if passed, concerned the length of term served by a Council Member and proposed an extension of the maximum term of office from nine to 12 years.

This did not receive the required 75% majority vote, meaning the first resolution passed is the one which brings about change to the WRU’s articles of association.

A further commitment has been made to reflect the recommendations of the recent Independent Review in terms of future governance reform.

The AGM was also an opportunity to pay tribute to president Gerald Davies whose four-year term came to an end following the meeting, and to former chair Ieuan Evans who also stepped down from the position earlier this year.

Both were thanked for their passion and tireless commitment to Welsh rugby. In turn, Terry Cobner was welcomed as the new president of the Welsh Rugby Union.

Tribute was also paid to valued Board Members and Council Members who have concluded their term in office:

WRU Board pre-AGM:

Nigel Walker, Richard Collier- Keywood, Alison Thorne, Amanda Bennett, Henry Englehardt, Cat Read, Phil Thomas, Chris Jones, Colin Wilks, Dave Young, John Manders, Malcolm Wall

*Following the AGM Dave Young and Henry Engelhardt have been succeeded by Jamie Roberts and Jennifer Matthias

*A new iNED to replace Cat Read in January will be announced soon and Abi Tierney will replace Nigel Walker as CEO, also in January, which will complete the eight appointed directors.

Elections for the remaining four Board positions take place later this month, with members elected from the Council

WRU Council pre-AGM:

Alan Jones, Alun Roberts, Anthony Buchanan, Bryn Parker, Chris Jones, Chris Morgan, Claire Donovan, Colin Charvis, Colin Wilks, Dave Young, Gordon Eynon, Gwyn Bowden, Ieuan Evans, Jeff Davies, John Manders, Kevin Lewis, Phil Thomas, Ray Wilton, Robert Butcher

*Following the AGM Dave Young, Alan Jones, Chris Morgan, Gordon Eynon, Ray Wilton and Ieuan Evans are no longer on Council

WRU Council after AGM includes

Lloyd Morgan (replacing Dave Young), Steve Oven ( replacing Alan Jones ), Kerry Frey ( replacing Chris Morgan), Delyth Summons (replacing Gordon Eynon), Roy Wilkinson (replacing Ray Wilton), Sue Butler (replacing Ieuan Evans)


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